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TopTen Review:  Excellent

This product offers everything from exact 1:1 DVD copies to automatic compression and episode selection. You can back up your DVDs to a number of mediums including DVD-5, DVD-9 or your hard drive. DVD Cloner 6 has several customization features and is extraordinarily flexible; yet it’s easy to use interface make it an excellent choice for beginners and advanced users alike.


DVD Cloner’s customize DVD feature gives the user ultimate control of their DVD copies. You can choose to keep various languages, subtitles, special features, and more. DVD Cloner’s newest feature is the ability to copy and combine multiple DVDs and movie files on to one dual-layer disc. Now, you can have your favorite movie and its sequel on one DVD.


Additionally, with your download or upgrade to DVD Cloner you can download free Blu-ray disc backup software, Blu-ray to DVD Pro. With Blu-ray to DVD Pro you can backup your Blu-ray discs to multiple DVDs without losing that high definition quality.


The same great burning engine included with DVD Cloner is also available in DVD Cloner's DVD to iPod Converter software, iPod-Cloner. Or you can purchase DVD Cloner Platinum, which includes DVD Cloner + DVD to iPod.


Feature Set:  Excellent

DVD Cloner makes quality DVD copies quickly and gives you the option to keep or omit as much or as little of the original DVD you’d like.


Perhaps DVD Cloner’s most standout feature is the ability to circumvent built-in DVD encryptions. DVD Cloner is proficient with all popular encryptions like CSS and ARccOS enabling you to copy almost any DVD on the market. Fewer and fewer DVD copy software programs include this ability.


A new feature included with DVD Cloner is the ability to take two DVD movies (usually compressed to DVD-5) and put them on one DVD-9. Now, you can have your favorite movie and its sequel on one DVD. You can also choose how many copies you’d like to make in one sitting. Before you start the copy process you can choose to make one or a dozen copies of the same movie. The software will prompt you every time a new blank disc needs to be inserted into the burner.


DVD Cloner 5 makes excellent, high-quality copies even if you are shrinking an entire full-length DVD (DVD-9) with all its bonus footage to a 4.5GB DVD-R (DVD-5). Or you can choose customize your copy with the Movie Customization option. Here you can to copy bonus footage, subtitles, audio, language and menus. We also liked that in the custom mode DVD Cloner displays how much room you have left on your DVD and you can adjust the compression of your DVD Copy. Using the advanced setup you can adjust the compression ratio of your bonus features. Typically, the software will default a higher compression for additional chapters to maintain the integrity of the main movie file.


DVD Cloner 8 also supports copying to dual-layer DVD-Rs (DVD-9) making a direct 1:1 copy so you don't need to compress anything. Note: You must have a dual-layer compatible DVD burner to take advantage of this feature.


If your burner is not capable of burning to a dual-layer DVD-9 disc, this software offers two good options. One, an excellent copy can be made by choosing “Movie Only;” this option cuts out additional bonus footage and menus, therefore requiring less compression. Additionally, you can split the entire DVD onto two DVD-5 discs with no quality loss.


This software also has the ability to copy to your hard drive, which is a useful, energy saving feature for laptops. If you choose to burn a DVD from a file you already have on your hard drive remember your files have to include the original ripped ISOs or be in Nero’s NRG format. DVD Cloner cannot read a movie that has been encoded to MPEG-2 format.


One of DVD Cloner’s best features is the power to recover damaged DVDs. Integrated into the “DVD-9 to DVD-9 1:1” to selection; DVD Cloner will recover the damaged data like scratches or bad sectors, and restore the original data to your burned copy, making the copy better than the original.


DVD Cloner is compatible with multiple languages including, English, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Greek, Hungarian and many more. It also supports PAL, NTSC, DVD+-R/RW, all home stand-alone DVD players and most DVD burners.


DVD Cloner also comes with some additional free software. Bundled with Cloner is the ability to download DVD file converters. You can convert your ripped DVD files to AVI, MPEG or SVC. Access to these download is located on the right-hand side of DVD Cloner’s main interface. When you click on the button the software will send you to one of Cloner’s web pages. Just click the download button, if you have a registered version of DVD Cloner you don’t have to pay the $20.00 listed price.


Also, those that purchase or upgrade DVD Cloner can also get a free copy of Blu-ray to DVD Pro for free. Blu-ray to DVD can split your high definition Blu-ray discs into multiple DVDs. You can also use it to copy and burn 1:1 copies of Blu-ray discs. However, you have to have a Blu-ray burner or reader installed in your computer to take advantage of Blu-ray to DVD Pro.


Ease of Use:  Excellent

DVD Cloner 6 installs quickly and effortlessly. It does not require any additional downloads for standard copying, since it includes the latest decryption codes including the facility to copy Sony and Disney films.


To use the bonus software, you do need to make additional downloads; however, we found the process simple and easy to understand. When you click through to the associated website ignore the payment options and just click the download button.


Ease of Installation:  Excellent

DVD Cloner 6 installs quickly and effortlessly. It does not require any additional downloads for standard copying, since it includes the latest decryption codes including the facility to copy Sony and Disney films.


To use the bonus software or HD/Blu-ray feature, you do need to make additional downloads; however, we found the process simple and easy to understand.


Quality of Copy:  Excellent

DVD Cloner makes great DVD copies. We were able to copy high-action, special effects heavy movies like Iron Man and many other major new releases effortlessly. DVD Cloner was able to compress the length of our studio DVD on to one DVD-5 with little quality loss. However, we did notice some visible artifacts around lettering, but this is typical of DVD copy software and the minor distortions aren’t distracting.


We will make one professional suggestion. If you are copying from a DVD-9 or a DVD-5, which is the most frequently use option because Dual Layer DVD burners are expensive, use the “Movie Only” option as frequently as possible. This helps avoid over compressing your main feature and preserves the overall quality of your copy. Or if there are a few special features you would like to keep like deleted scenes or gag reel use the “Customization” feature where you can choose specific sections of the DVD to copy.


Program Stability:  Excellent

We didn't encounter any problems or errors while using this product. It proved compatible with our other software, burners, and the copies played on all of our DVD players.



DVD Cloner, with its included CSS decryptor, trumps the competition. With this product, you can copy almost any DVD or CD (and with the additional software Blu-ray) disc to create quality back-up copies, quickly. The easy-to-use interface and multiple customization options make it the choice of beginners and advanced users alike.


OS Supported: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP


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  • Carol
    Thank you very much, with this tool, I do a decent job on backuping my DVDs. And especially your free upgrade service makes me happy.
    --- 2015-02-11

  • David
    To backup my DVDs and remove DVD protections, I always choose DVD Cloner, it works well!
    --- 2014-06-15

  • Ann
    It is troublesome to use multimedia softwares, but I have to backup my favourite DVDs. However, DVD Cloner meet all my needs to copy DVDs, especially the fastest reply and response from your excellent costumer service.
    --- 2013-08-29

  • Marco
    The copying speed is really fast, I love this DVD Cloner.
    --- 2009-10-29
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